American Idol Recap: Kelly Clarkson amazed by Jax

Jax has managed to both awe her fans and discredit her distractors in a single go. Very little doubt was left that she was going to do well on the Kelly Clarkson Week of “American Idol”. At least not after she totally floored the singer


Jeremy Clarkson sacked from BBC: Faces assault charges

The BBC’s Director General Tony Hall has confirmed that Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson’s contract will not be renewed this time, after his altercation with a show producer, Oisin Tymon. Jeremy, who had made many controversial statements on the show, was suspended on March 10

<> on September 29, 2011 in Perugia, Italy.

Amanda Knox: Would the U.S. hand her over to Italy?

The Supreme Court of Cassation, Italy’s highest court, has overturned the reconviction of Amanda Knox in connection with one of Europe’s most infamous murder cases. Knox and her lover Raffaele Sollecito had, in the past, served jail terms of four years each in the seven


Zayn Malik’s departure from 1D has fans in anguish

Zayn Malik has quit One Direction and in doing so send a wave of gloom and depression across the music world. Fans from all over the world have resorted to the internet to express their shock and sorrow. One interesting thing about One Direction’s fans


Justin Bieber wants a One Night Stand with Madonna

Viewers of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, were in for a little surprise during the March 18 episode, which was guested by Justin Bieber and Madonna. The two singers were playing a game called “Never Have I Ever” during which they revealed things they want to


Dear Azealia Banks, Leave America: A Campaign

When a celebrity decides to do a Playboy photo-shoot, the press generally goes wild covering the images themselves. However, it seems the young rapper, Azealia Banks, has managed to surprise us by getting the people to talk more about her mouth that her body. In